Here are 2 more reasons for you to know, why the George Canine app is truly the go

Socratic questions are evidently the go –  that’s the way learning can flow Slower content delivery and speaking pace are not the only methods that make Learning to Read with George Canine a unique literacy app. In addition, like successful human teachers, George demonstrates a skill and then asks a lot of Socratic question. These […]

Who and what is George Canine? Click the play button on the video below to find the answer.


Love learning to read and write with George Canine, Lesson 1

Why do Jade and Ava (5 years) love the app, George Canine?

George Canine: Learn to Read & Write on Time

Who is George Canine?

Who is George Canine?

I’m a dog, a beagle, and the one you need, Because I really can teach your kids to read. My name is George and I begin from scratch – Phonics and whole language in one catch. Kids learn to read, write and spell from the word go With games and animations that invite reading flow. […]