Learn to Read George Canine

How do kids learn to read in the most current, proficient, evidence-based and fun-filled way? They meet GEORGE CANINE and play away!

About The App

  • Skills that predict reading success
    • Phonics (Reading instruction based on letter-sound associations)
    • Phonological awareness (The sound patterns in spoken words)
    • Phonemic awareness (The ability to manipulate the smallest spoken sounds in words. For example, the word ‘cab’ can be split into three separate sounds, ‘cuh’, ‘ah’, and ‘buh’. )
  • Reading skills
    • The English alphabet letters and their associated sounds
    • Spelling practice and phonemic segmentation skills – breaking words into phonemes and mapping the phonemes with the appropriate alphabet letter
    • Reading practice and phonemic blending skills – blending the alphabetic letter sounds to form words
  • Handwriting skills
    • Letter tracing practice using the current classroom standard, the New South Wales Beginner Font with arrows

Testimonials Reviews From Our Users

  • TheDylonFive George Canine App User This app is great! I've used a few apps to teach kids how to read and write and this is the best one by far!!
  • Mmburr George Canine App User This app is great for young kids just learning their letters. The dog is cute, too! One of the kids I babysit really likes this app. I think it's an effective way to teach the alphabet!
  • LeilasMum2016 George Canine App User This is an amazing app for teaching my child how to read and write through sound and sight. The voice recognition is a unique feature, and the games make learning fun! Finally an educational app that my child WANTS to play. Will definitely look out for future lessons.
  • Knotwoollymammoth George Canine App User Wonderful program to teach children to read. It's fun and easy to use. Cute characters that your children will fall in love with. One app that I look forward to using with my grandchildren.
  • Love first graders George Canine App User This app is definitely for kids between ages 4-6 and even older. Not sure why Apple rated it for under 5's. It's excellent for classroom teachers with 6 year olds plus who are learning to read.

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