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About - George Canine

George Canine

I’m a dog, a beagle, and the one you need
because I really can teach your kids to read.

My name is George and I begin reading from scratch: Phonics and whole language combined in one catch.
Kids learn to read, write and spell from the word go
With games and animations that invite reading flow.

There’s ample repetition to reinforce skills,
And consistent practice so that the mind fills,
With literacy knowledge – state of the art –
And reading achievement – the essential part.

I want your kids to learn the best way they can,
Hence, the method is based on a scientific plan.
It’s also current and cool and, offered for free,
So get the app now, for their first learning spree.


It all started with…

my human mum, Jennifer. She’s endorsed as a cognitive, developmental, and child and adolescent counselling psychologist, and she’s a registered teacher of English literature, and a Special Education teacher (literacy). She actually began her teaching and counselling career in the mixed-race slums of Johannesburg and Soweto, South Africa.

Jennifer has spent her career working in  literacy and counselling. She currently mentors refugee kids in a school in the Western suburbs of Sydney, and she teaches post-graduate psychology students about human development and how to work with children and teenagers whether it’s learning to calm down or to read.

Jennifer’s one of the most qualified people to write a reading app.  For her Ph.D. in cognitive psychology she studied memory and learning, with a research focus  on how children learn to read. The degree tied her different career strands together, because children who don’t acquire good reading skills tend to have social, emotional and academic challenges. Consequently, they often miss out on life’s opportunities.

After extensive lecturing at university and many years of counselling and teaching children and teenagers, Jennifer embraced technology as an excellent tool for literacy attainmnet. She scripted all the lessons for the reading app that was to become George Canine. Learn to Read & Write on Time. This app is designed to teach children to read in the most efficient, evidenced-based way. Jennifer knows exactly how to create one because, as a cognitive psychologist, she had studied, researched, worked and lectured in all of the relevant areas.

Alongside Jennifer and our cool, highly professional programmers, Tyrone Sobb and Ahmed Yosri, I was adopted into the creative team.  My job is to support my human friends with unending loyalty, love and fun. That’s just what dogs do, even when it comes to teaching kids to read, write and spell.

I know how important it is to start the reading program with phonics. That’s when you teach kids about the relationship between alphabet letters and the sounds in spoken words.  Next, I  mix phonics and whole language approaches, so that kids understand that the relationship between the letters and sounds can be used to read interesting stories.

I have also learned that when building a skill set, repetition is the name of the game.  So, I repeat myself,  because it’s only with repeated practice that kids will acquire the necessary skills for reading.

Next, Jennifer ensured that I teach and speak slowly so that kids can process what I say. So, please don’t judge me by your standards; judge me by your children’s cognitive needs, like the speed with which they process information.

And, another thing. Not only do kids learn to read, write and spell at the same time, they also learn through a multi-sensory experience.  So, your kids learn by sight, sound and touch. Jennifer says there’s lots of evidence to show that it’s the best way to acquire reading, writing and spelling skills.

Finally, like all dogs, I’m fun-oriented. So, Jennifer has introduced lots and lots of games because, hey, I’m a happy beagle and like all human kids, I love to play.